- Database as a Service
  • With a sandbox database you have 0.5 GB of storage on a shared 3-node Replica Set. You can use this plan free of charge for 1 year. You will automatically be upgraded to a Pay per GB plan if the stored amount of data exceeds the 0.5 GB threshold or when 1 year has passed. It is not possible to access backups of your data, so you should consider upgrading to a dedicated plan before moving to production.
  • With a database of dedicated nodes all resources available to the VM (CPU, RAM, disk, I/O) are exclusively yours. You can distribute nodes across datacenters, though for latency reasons it is not advised.
  • For each datacenter you have nodes in, you will incur an extra charge for a volume, where backups will be stored. Volumes are assigned automatically based on the amount of data in your database. If your database grows too large for your current volume we will assign you a bigger volume. The old volume will remain in existence until expired backups have been cleared out.
  • CX and CPX are virtual nodes with artificial CPU limits. CX nodes have Intel processors, while CPX nodes have the newest generation of CPU optimized Servers with AMD EPYC 2nd Gen processors.
  • CCX nodes are dedicated vCPU Instances. CCX11 to CCX51 have Intel processors, while CCX12 to CCX62 have AMD processors.
  • At least 2 nodes are required to form a database cluster, but an odd number like e.g. 3 is recommended.

For more details you can watch this video

All nodes are pro-rated daily although prices are shown per 30-day months. You can be billed in EUR or USD.

Per month
Database in shared Replica Set
Sandbox - - 0.5 GB -
Free (1 year)
1y free
Pay per GB - - 1-2 GB - 6.99 EUR/GB
Standard nodes for dedicated Replica Set
CPX11 2 2 GB 40 GB 20 TB 13.99 EUR/node
CPX21 3 4 GB 80 GB 20 TB 30.99 EUR/node
CPX31 4 8 GB 160 GB 20 TB 54.99 EUR/node
CPX41 8 16 GB 240 GB 20 TB 100.99 EUR/node
CPX51 16 32 GB 360 GB 20 TB 219.99 EUR/node
Dedicated vCPU nodes for dedicated Replica Set
CCX12 2 8 GB 80 GB 20 TB 87.99 EUR/node
CCX22 4 16 GB 160 GB 20 TB 153.99 EUR/node
CCX32 8 32 GB 240 GB 20 TB 307.99 EUR/node
CCX42 16 64 GB 360 GB 20 TB 615.99 EUR/node
CCX52 32 128 GB 600 GB 20 TB 1,079.99 EUR/node
CCX62 48 192 GB 960 GB 20 TB 1,759.99 EUR/node
Backup space for dedicated Replica Set
Backup space in this datacenter is charged at 0.16 EUR/GB per month, billed in chunks of GB. Each backup is compressed to approx. 60% of its original size, and the volume needs space for 3 backups plus space for a copy of the uncompressed database.