While Goaddon has only been accessible to the public since May 5th 2022, a small group of businesses have been using Goaddon since 2017 to process tens of millions of orders and products, collected from online shops around the world.

As interesting cases start building post launch we will share them here.

Helping consumers find trustworthy online shops

e-mærket (the e-mark) is a non-profit organization founded in the year 2000 by a handfull of large Danish organizations.

Online shops can be granted the e-mark by following acceptable business practices and submitting themselves to regular oversight.

Certified shops can display the e-mark in their shop, and additionally they can choose maintain a customer score based on customer reviews and a shipping score that shows the percentage of orders shipped within 24, 48 or 72 hours.

The e-mark uses the Gofetch addon to collect data from their member shops, so that customer and shipping scores can be calculated.

Customer since 2017.

Helping online shops expand internationally

MakesYouLocal helps online shops sell abroad.

One of their services is to provide native customer service on behalf of their clients.

They are using the Gofetch addon to collect data from their clients shops, and they are using Go2us to host an app that gives the support staff access to the collected data.

Customer since 2018.

Intercom Bridge
Intercom Bridge
Integrate orders from your shop into Intercom

An internally built app that allows ecommerce companies to easily embed data from their online shop into various Intercom tools such as the Inbox, Messenger and Custom Bots.