Our concept

As many other industries, commerce is currently going through a transformation. Traditional retail stores are becoming multi-channel companies or getting disrupted by online retail. At the same time online shops are getting disrupted to, by large ecommerce companies like Amazon.

What gives these large companies an edge? One key advantage is efficiency. They have more resources to optimize and automate business processes, compared to smaller companies. We believe we can level the playing field. We are on a mission to make every ecommerce company as efficient and capable as Amazon!

Goaddon does not provide specific features or services for merchants, rather it is the infrastructure on which they can be built. Let's illustrate it:

Our system is designed to provide all the components of your ecommerce app, except the part that makes it special. Imagine an app that automates your order management. 5-10% of such an app is about the automation process itself. The rest is about server infrastructure, database design, integrations, security, etc. An engineer would have to spend months, or even years, in order to design an app from scratch that automates your order management? In comparison, with Goaddon you could have a basic proof-of-concept app ready within a week or two.

Furthermore, our system enables merchants around the world to join forces. An app created with Goaddon is natively designed for dissemination. Creating and publishing ecommerce apps for anyone to use has previously required large investments, but Goaddon removes the barrier to entry. We beleive this will result in the number of publicly available apps and services to increase significantly, which would bootstrap ecommerce companies, small and large.

Goaddon is also where service providers should build their ecommerce apps. Say you wanted to start a fulfillment business; a business that, on behalf of online shops, processes deliveries coming in from suppliers and fulfills orders going out to consumers. Integrating with the broad range of ecommerce platforms on which online shops are hosted is a massive undertaking, and so is creating the app on which the merchants can sign up and interact with you. With Goaddon however, anyone with a tape dispenser and a few free shelves can be in business within days.

Welcome to Goaddon!

Christoffer Dahl-Jørgensen